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International removals and transportation of personal belongings with ELP CARGO

We will organize a comfortable and hassle-free move for you to a new place with transportation of all your personal belongings

Planning your move to Latvia?

We will pack your belongings with high quality materials, arrange all necessary documents, and carefully deliver all your belongings to their new home.

Helping people to move to Latvia is one of the main areas in which ELP Cargo operates. Our task is to ensure a comfortable move to a new place with the transportation of all your personal belongings. We transport, as well as small loads from 0.5 cubic meters, and we carry out a complete home move on a turnkey basis, including furniture, sculptures, art objects and any interior details. This is our speciality. Contact us for support and we will provide you with a full range of services, from careful packaging to delivery, furniture assembly and even packaging waste disposal. We will also draw up all the accompanying documents for the move, obtain any necessary permissions for the export of art objects, and advise on all issues.

What are the features of the transportation of personal belongings to Latvia with our company:

  • We carry out packaging using our own packaging material.
  • We deliver the goods to our warehouse.
  • You can pack your things yourself according to our instructions and send them to our warehouse from any city.
  • If there are valuables among the things (paintings, icons, antiques, rarities, etc.), we inquire for a special permit at the Ministry of Culture for their transportation.
  • We provide customs clearance of cargo and escort when crossing the border of the country where the move is made.
  • We transport cargo from any of the 170 countries with which we work.
  • We make official import of your belongings
  • We deliver things to the door, bring in, unpack, and even take out the trash.

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Our experienced specialists can disassemble the furniture and then assemble it at the place of arrival in Latvia. For the transportation of large personal items (for example, a piano, large sculptures), we use an individual approach. We create individual packaging that excludes damage in transit.

Of course, for complete safety of transportation, we pack your things in special boxes made of five-layer strong cardboard. Then we put them on pallets and additionally wrap them with layers of stretch film. To ensure that your personal belongings are not lost during transportation, each box is marked before shipping. Before sending, a complete list of the items being transported is made and must be agreed with the customs authorities in the country of departure and receipt in order to avoid problems during clearance.

Also, in order to reduce the cost of transporting household items, we will carry it out as part of a groupage cargo (if the volume of the consignment allows). When consolidating groupage cargoes, one vehicle is used, in which we combine several cargoes of different customers.

Бережно упакованный груз на отсылку в Европу

Pricing information for international transportation of personal effects to Latvia

The cost of services for the transportation of personal belongings during the move is certainly negotiated individually. First of all, it is formed based on the amount of cargo sent. Its calculation, depending on the type, is carried out in kilograms, loading or cubic meters. And also the price is affected by the direction of moving, storage time, additional services, for example:

  • packaging;
  • preparation of permits for things of particular value;
  • assembly / disassembly of furniture;
  • entry into the apartment;
  • unpacking, garbage disposal, etc.

Delivery times depend on the amount of cargo transported and geography. Of course, if you are in a hurry to move, we will arrange direct transport to deliver only your belongings within a few days from anywhere in Europe. We can also send cargo by air from almost any country in the world.

Over the last decade, we have:

Transported cubic meters
Performed moves for individuals
Covered countries

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IAM members

Our company is a member of the IAM International Association of Movers, which specializes in international moves and relocations of individuals worldwide. This is the largest association in our industry, represented by more than 2,000 member companies in over 170 countries. Membership in this association gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with the highest quality services in transportation and delivery of personal belongings and prefabricated cargo, office moves, door-to-door transportation of cultural valuables almost anywhere in the world, including customs clearance, packing, delivery to the premises and storage. We officially represent Lithuania in this association.

Certificates and Awards:

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  • The cost-to-service ratio is very competitive in our industry.
  • Transporting your cargo will not result in significant financial losses or unforeseen expenses

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  • Our most experienced specialists work directly with clients and are ready to assist you.
  • We inform about the nuances of cooperation and offer optimal solutions for any situation.

We will adapt to you by offering flexible options

  • We provide a wide range of options that match your requirements.
  • Our solutions are customizable and can be adapted to your specific needs.

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