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Cargo transportation and moving to Australia

ELP CARGO provides services for the international transportation of goods from the European Union to Australia both between the capitals and in other cities. Applications are accepted from legal entities and individuals. Clients have access to rational logistics solutions that reduce financial and time costs.

Comprehensive transportation services

Using the ELP CARGO services, you can order transportation from EU to Australia of goods of the following categories:

  • souvenir products for personal and commercial use;
  • construction materials;
  • laboratory reagents;
  • raw production materials;
  • rolled metal, represented by sheets, rods, channels and corners;
  • automobile and motorcycle transport;
  • household and commercial furniture;
  • production machines and related equipment;
  • spare parts for the repair and modernization of vehicles;
  • paints and varnishes in safe packaging;
  • products for the agricultural sector.

Delivery of goods belonging to the category of prohibited, in particular weapons, drugs and raw materials for their production, is not carried out from the territory of EU to the regions of Australia.

When organizing cargo transportation to Australia, our company provides a range of services:

  • Transportation. Directly moving shipments in the selected way. The formation of the optimal route is guaranteed to reduce the time and reduce the price.
  • Registration according to international standards. Services for the preparation of documents for the smooth passage of customs control and other supervisory procedures.
  • Insurance. Acquisition of an insurance policy for goods in order to level financial risks.
  • Information support. The company’s specialists report on the progress of cargo transportation, answer customer’s questions, and offer related services to achieve the intended goal.

The complex organization of delivery contributes to obtaining a number of advantages

  1. Work based on “turnkey” principles. Cargo transportation from EU to Australia is carried out with a minimum participation of the client. The customer does not have to draw up a large amount of paperwork, study international legislation and perform other actions related to the organization of cargo transportation. It is enough to contact the specialists of the company and order delivery.
  2. Affordable cost. When calculating the estimate for transport services, base tariffs that are publicly available are used. The client does not pay third-party commissions, he can use the services at the best price.
  3. Use of our own storage facilities. The company has a network of consolidation warehouses. This allows optimizing cargo transportation on the route Australia- EU and in the opposite direction, reducing the time and cost.


Our company develops delivery algorithms taking into account most current transport situation, strives to offer optimal solutions for all categories of customers.

Assistance in calculating the cost of services is provided by full-time managers. They perform the necessary calculations according to the weight and dimensions of the cargo, the complexity of its registration and maintenance, relevant external factors that affect transportation costs.

Over the last decade, we have:

Transported cubic meters
Performed moves for individuals
Covered countries

What our customers are saying:

IAM members

Our company is a member of the IAM International Association of Movers, which specializes in international moves and relocations of individuals worldwide. This is the largest association in our industry, represented by more than 2,000 member companies in over 170 countries. Membership in this association gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with the highest quality services in transportation and delivery of personal belongings and prefabricated cargo, office moves, door-to-door transportation of cultural valuables almost anywhere in the world, including customs clearance, packing, delivery to the premises and storage. We officially represent Lithuania in this association.

Certificates and Awards:

Save money by using our services

  • The cost-to-service ratio is very competitive in our industry.
  • Transporting your cargo will not result in significant financial losses or unforeseen expenses

Always in touch thanks to our professional service

  • Our most experienced specialists work directly with clients and are ready to assist you.
  • We inform about the nuances of cooperation and offer optimal solutions for any situation.

We will adapt to you by offering flexible options

  • We provide a wide range of options that match your requirements.
  • Our solutions are customizable and can be adapted to your specific needs.

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