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International removals and transportation of personal belongings with ELP CARGO

We will organize a comfortable and hassle-free move for you to a new place with transportation of all your personal belongings


What we offer

We operate across routes in all the largest continents of the world because our company ELP CARGO is a member of the IAM, which specializes in international moving and relocation of individuals around the whole world. It is the largest association in the industry, represented by over 2,000 member companies in over 170 countries. Membership in the association gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with high-quality services for the transportation of personal belongings, office relocations, transportation of cultural property from door to door to almost anywhere in the world, including customs clearance, packaging, delivery to premises and storage.

The benefits of cooperation with ELP Cargo

Using our ELP Cargo services will provide you with a number of benefits:

  • Using smart logistics solutions. Cargoes are transported along the optimal route. The carrier uses suitable equipment, correctly places the goods for storage.
  • Cargo insurance. Transported products are subject to insurance. Its storage is carried out in modern, technological warehouses.
  • Affordable prices. The cost of services is at a very acceptable level. Transportation of products will not cause significant expenses and unexpected expenses.
  • Professional service. Our experienced professionals work with clients. They inform about the nuances of cooperation, offer the best solutions for any situation.

Working with a major carrier like ourselves will ensure timely delivery of cargo, eliminate problems at customs, temporary and financial losses.

Over the last decade, we have:

Transported cubic meters
Performed moves for individuals
Covered countries

What our customers are saying:

IAM members

Our company is a member of the IAM International Association of Movers, which specializes in international moves and relocations of individuals worldwide. This is the largest association in our industry, represented by more than 2,000 member companies in over 170 countries. Membership in this association gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with the highest quality services in transportation and delivery of personal belongings and prefabricated cargo, office moves, door-to-door transportation of cultural valuables almost anywhere in the world, including customs clearance, packing, delivery to the premises and storage. We officially represent Lithuania in this association.

Certificates and Awards:

Save money by using our services

  • The cost-to-service ratio is very competitive in our industry.
  • Transporting your cargo will not result in significant financial losses or unforeseen expenses

Always in touch thanks to our professional service

  • Our most experienced specialists work directly with clients and are ready to assist you.
  • We inform about the nuances of cooperation and offer optimal solutions for any situation.

We will adapt to you by offering flexible options

  • We provide a wide range of options that match your requirements.
  • Our solutions are customizable and can be adapted to your specific needs.

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