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Cargo transportation to and from Europe

Cargo transportation to and from Europe is one of the main services provided by our company. Europe is one of the smallest parts of the world in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Arctic Ocean in the north, and has an area of about 10 million km². Together with Asia, Europe forms the vast continent of Eurasia. With an area of about 10.3 million square kilometers, Europe is one of the world’s smallest continents, slightly larger than Oceania. Europe is home to just over 700 million people, making it the third most populous continent after Asia and Africa. There are 51 countries in Europe and we deliver to and from them all.

Today, the states of Europe are the largest participants in the international market, characterized by a stable and powerful economic system (Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy are among the ten countries with the most developed economies). Despite the significant difference in the economic performance of the EU countries, each of them actively exports and imports a variety of goods, which means that international transportation across Europe will always be in high demand.

Among the leading industries of the countries of the Old World, whose products are exported, are:

  • mechanical engineering, production of vehicles and industrial equipment;
  • production of electronics, household appliances, audio and video equipment, precision instruments;
  • chemical industry and pharmaceuticals;
  • production of building and finishing materials;
  • agriculture and food production;
  • textile industry, clothing and footwear production;

Eurozone countries have established stable trade and economic relations with the rest of the world. ELP Cargo is engaged in cargo transportation to and from Europe to the rest of the world and operates on the territory of all states of the EU. Our company also provides related services necessary for conducting foreign economic activity (customs clearance, customs clearance, cargo escort and insurance, etc.).

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European continent

Ways of cargo transportation from and to Europe

The choice of the optimal method for delivering goods of any type from and to Europe depends on a set of factors:

  • the geographical location of the sending country;
  • type of cargo (bulk, bulk, perishable, dangerous, etc.) and volume;
  • acceptable delivery cost for the client;
  • the required period.

Commercial transportation of goods by lorries is the most popular in the international transportation market. It is suitable for any cargo (in the presence of special transport: refrigerators, tankers, isotherms, etc.). It takes relatively little time. In addition, the prices for such a service are much lower than for air delivery.

Air transportation is the fastest way. As a rule, delivery by air takes from less days, including customs procedures. However, this option requires an airport of the appropriate class at the destination. The cost of using aircraft is significantly higher than that of alternative methods.

Shipping by sea is suitable if you need to send a large consignment of goods and there are no strict time limits, since the process takes more days. But in some cases, the terms of sea delivery are comparable to the period of movement of shipments by cars or may even be shorter. This method is relevant only if the country has access to the sea.

Rail transportation from Europe is also very popular due to its reliability and affordable prices. They are suitable if you need to deliver a large batch of low-barrage or bulk cargo. However, it should be taken into account that the width of the railway track in Europe is unique to it’s borders, so part of the time will be required to change the wheel sets.

Our company carries out cargo transportation from Europe by any means of transport. It is also possible to arrange multimodal delivery to the recipient’s destination.


Groupage cargo transportation from and to Europe

Groupage transportation is one of the most convenient and inexpensive ways to send both large and small cargo (including personal items). In this case, shipments from different customers are consolidated at the warehouse, and after the batch is formed, they are transported in one direction and on one freight transport. The process takes a little longer than delivery by dedicated transport, but the cost is much lower.

Carrying out the transportation of groupage cargo from anywhere in Europe, our company works at balanced prices. You can order turnkey transportation from us. In this case, ELP Cargo specialists will take care of all stages of cargo transportation from loading and unloading to paperwork.

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Our company is a member of the IAM International Association of Movers, which specializes in international moves and relocations of individuals worldwide. This is the largest association in our industry, represented by more than 2,000 member companies in over 170 countries. Membership in this association gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with the highest quality services in transportation and delivery of personal belongings and prefabricated cargo, office moves, door-to-door transportation of cultural valuables almost anywhere in the world, including customs clearance, packing, delivery to the premises and storage. We officially represent Lithuania in this association.

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